Jennifer Smith


The subjects of my work stem from first-hand experiences. I like basic themes that show ordinary pleasurable scenarios. I aspire to provide my viewers with the same joy and laughter that I am inspired by and are invested in the making of my work. I want my viewers to feel comfortable and relaxed while looking at my work, but able to recall the happy moments in their own life. My works are inspired by what I see as the most positive moments of the world that I am surrounded by.

As a painter, I focus on color and brush treatment. My works are all very vibrant in color and often portray a sense of movement to convey an instant happy moment. I enjoy working with a wide range of colors because color provides me with a multitude of choices and provides room for experimentation. While the end product is always rewarding, I do enjoy the physical act of painting because it can be fast pace and very energetic, both of which describe my personality. I hope that my work conveys my love for painting and my subjects, and that this resonates with my viewers.